The new stud: el garañón

A Mexican, a Polish, and an Austrian guy meet at a railway station. Sounds like the beginning of a joke? Well, hopefully it doesn’t end as one, as this situation actually happened two weeks ago. Anyway, besides being a cool dude, the Mexican guy turned out to be a badass rock drummer. And therefore … we happy to introduce the new stud, being responsible for the battery:
Mr. Mex Fernandez
We all are very excited. Halfway back on track …

Down To Three

Seth Knight has decided to live the next few years abroad in the land of love and blow jobs (aka La Grande Nation France). This not only means that he will live on a baguette and cheese diet for the next few years, but also that he won’t be available for Pussy Tyrant. As if not bad enough, Randy Rainbow has decided to retire from Pussy Tyrant. We respect their decisions and want everyone to know that there is no bad blood between them and the remaining stallions. Pussy Tyrant wishes both the best.
The remaining three stallions are well aware that disbanding Pussy Tyrant would lead to a sudden void in sexiness which may alter the history of mankind – and not in a good way. So here’s the good news: Amy Streaker, Jacky Voltage and Tommy Vayle have decided to carry on. Currently they are trying to get the pussy beast back on track …